About MiraiEx

MiraiEx (Mirai:“future in japanese” + Ex:“short for exchange” = the future exchange, or the exchange of the future) is a Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange. What started out as a side project, by a group of people interested in new technology such as blockchain, has grown into a diverse team consisting of 30+ developers, designers, business developers and administration workers.

The MiraiEx team is handpicked to deliver the best service and experience for our users, focusing on security, transparency and user-friendliness.

We are registered by Finanstilsynet as a cryptocurrency exchange and custodial solution in Norway. Our goal is to make it as easy to invest and trade cryptocurrency, as with stocks and funds.


Storing and securing our user’s funds is of utmost importance. We have a lot of experience in securing cryptocurrency, and only use industry grade hardware-wallets and multisig-solutions.

You as a customer should always feel safe when using our services. You can read more about how we store and secure bitcoin and cryptocurrency here (Norwegian): https://miraiex.com/blog/sikring-av-bitcoin


Our mission is to make it safe and easy to get started investing in cryptocurrency. We are therefore available on chat, email and social media, where you can contact us anytime and stay up to date on our developments. We also try to regularly post useful information on our blog: https://miraiex.com/blog/


We focus a lot on quality and user-friendliness in our services, and always strive to make the best experience for our users. It should be fast, easy and hassle-free to use our services for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us: https://miraiex.com/contact

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